National Wage Case decision out of step with regions

The Fair Work Commission increased the minimum wage by 3.3%.

In its decision, the Commission highlighted the growing confidence in the Australian economy and stable inflation.

‘This decision will be met with concern from many regions in the nation still lagging behind the booming capital cities,’ said Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Michael Bailey.

‘One of the issues of the national wage case is that it assumes that all parts of the nation are economically equal,’ added Mr Bailey.

‘Although many businesses will find this frustrating, they will accept the decision of the independent umpire, which is the Fair Work Commission.

‘As we would expect unions to do the same regarding of the recent Fair Work decisions on penalty rates,’ concluded Mr Bailey.

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will circulate the details of the implications of the case to TCCI members.

Source: TCCI