Cheaper, safer services for Victoria

The Victorian Government will introduce the second tranche of legislation to pave the way for better services, cheaper fares and more choice for Victorian passengers.

The Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment (Further Reforms) Bill 2017 replaces Victoria’s complex licencing regime with a simple, low-cost registration system that will provide a level playing field for all industry participants.

The removal of licensing costs of up to $23,000 per year and increased competition will reduce fares for all Victorians.

The legislation will provide a new flexible fare system for commercial passenger vehicle service networks to set their own prices.

Consumer protections will be strengthened by requiring all service providers to provide passengers with a fixed fare cost or estimate before the trip begins.

There will be penalties for both the driver and network if they breach these requirements – with repeat offenders to face losing their accreditation.

The Bill removes the different requirements for taxi, hire car and ridesharing services, ensuring all service providers can compete fairly in the new commercial passenger vehicle industry.

However, to ensure passenger safety, vehicles used to provide unbooked services will need to have on-board safety cameras.

The industry regulator will also be given greater powers to investigate and take action against industry players who break the law, including ordering unfit vehicles off the road.

The Government has already regulated rideshare services, abolished annual taxi and hire car licence fees, and is providing generous financial assistance to the existing industry.

The reforms will be implemented throughout 2018 and be accompanied by new regulations covering additional safety requirements and consumer protections.

Source: Vic Government