More than 280,000 jobs since November 2014

Victoria’s jobs boom continues, with jobs growth continuing to climb and the State seeing the highest annual employment surge in the nation.

A total of 114,400 jobs were created in the 12 months to September 2017 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Since the Victorian Government was elected, Victoria’s employment has increased by 281,300 jobs – an increase of nearly 10 per cent – the highest increase of all the states in both percentage and absolute terms.

The vast majority of those jobs – nearly 171,000 – were full time.

Of the 19,800 new jobs created across the country in September 2017, nearly 9,000 of them were created in Victoria.

Victoria’s participation rate continues to be the highest on record, indicating strong confidence in the State’s job market buoyed by strong economic conditions. The participation rate is up 1.1 percentage points over the year to September 2017.

Pleasingly, Victoria’s female participation rate increased 1.8 percentage points over the year to September 2017 to reach a new record high of 60.8 per cent.

Source: Vic Government