Northern Territory

Get ready for ridesharing in 2018

The Territory Government has delivered on its election commitment to bring ridesharing to the Territory.

Following detailed consultation with both the community and commercial passenger vehicle industry, Western Australian company Hi Oscar have confirmed they will commence operating in the Territory on February 1, 2018.

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison said ridesharing presents a great opportunity for all Territorians.

“We are delivering on our promise to bring ridesharing to the Territory,” she said.

“For the public, our ridesharing regulations provide Territorians with an additional safe and convenient transport option, something which has been available interstate for some time.

“Taxis, buses and Minibuses will still offer a valuable service throughout the NT, with ridesharing now giving another option to get around.

“For jobseekers or those wishing to supplement their income, ridesharing is a great option to make some extra cash.

“For those already in the CPV industry, we have consulted widely and provided a seat at the table to develop an agreed model that provides opportunities for all sectors.

“Once ridesharing commences, annual licence fees for commercial passenger vehicles will be reduced from the current fee of $20,240 to $5,000 in Darwin, and drop from $16,445 in Alice Springs to $4,000 under the new reforms. A $1 levy will apply to all taxi, minibus, private hire car and ridesharing trips,” Ms Manison said.

Rideshare drivers will be required to meet the same requirements as taxi drivers and vehicles used for Ridesharing will also need to be inspected annually.

Ms Manison said the regulatory reforms could result in increased competition and more economic activity.

“Importantly, from 1 February 2018 consumers will have greater choice and more ways to get home safely,” she said.

Source: NT Government