Northern Territory

Putting children first – funding for student need

The Northern Territory Government has released the independent review of the global school budget model conducted by Ernst & Young, announcing that it has accepted all 20 recommendations.

“Every Territory child deserves the best start in life. That is why this government is investing in education — and why we promised to review the global school budgets funding model,” Ms Lawler said.

“We’ve delivered on that promise and we are announcing our plan to give more support, certainty and fairness to schools, students, teachers and parents.”

NT Minister for Education Eva Lawler has launched the Territory Government’s School Resourcing Model with $39 million allocated to roll-out the changes over four years.

“Our School Resourcing Model is fair, it’s predictable and it targets resourcing to student need.

“The Territory Government continues to build on its $124 million additional investment into education with a further $39 million — this shows our unwavering commitment to delivering quality education for Territory kids.

“This announcement not only shows that we fulfill our election commitments, it shows that that we understand and appreciate the importance of education in the Northern Territory.”

Some of the key actions to be rolled out as part of the School Resourcing Model include:

  • Fixing the funding base rate for students so that it will grow every year for the next four years. This means greater certainty so schools can confidently plan for the future.
  • Introducing new weightings for students with English as Second Language (ESL) and students with a disability —this will direct funding to where it is needed most.
  • Increasing transparency and accountability by publishing school budgets publically each year. This has never been done before.
  • Providing one-off grants to school budgets in 2018 to recognise legacy budget issues.

“A staged action plan for the enhanced School Resourcing Model will implemented from 2018 to 2020, to ensure a smooth transition for all schools and time to plan for budget changes,” Ms Lawler said.

“The action plan includes key milestones so that we are accountable, transparent and deliver on our targets.”

The full report from the review is available by clicking the link below along with the government’s response to each recommendation and our action plan to implement the School Resourcing Model.

Source: NT Government