Western Australia

Review comes up with measures to support WA’s writing sector

A review of Western Australia’s writing sector has recommended the Premier’s Book Awards should be an annual award aimed at lifting the profile of WA writers.

The move is one of several recommendations from the review carried out earlier in 2017 by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in consultation with writers’ centres, publishers and the broader community.

Other recommendations from the review include:

  • Creating a hub for writing and creative thinking at the State Library of Western Australia;
  • Support for WA writers’ centres to help WA writers to be published in national and international markets;
  • Supporting screenwriting and playwriting in WA with the establishment of a playwright development fund where WA theatre companies can offer more opportunities to commission works, as well as screenwriting resources at the new screen hub at the ABC building in East Perth;
  • Utilising WA’s public libraries to promote WA writers and enhance community engagement with library visitors by helping fund events such as writer’s talks, reading events and mini festivals;
  • Fostering professional development opportunities for writers in the increasingly complex areas of authors’ rights and multimedia opportunities; and
  • Establishing writer-in-residence opportunities at National Trust properties in WA.

Source: WA Government