Western Australia

One-stop shop launched to streamline water and environmental assessments

The WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has developed a new one-stop shop service for water and environmental assessments and approvals.

WA Water Minister Dave Kelly and WA Environment Minister Stephen Dawson launched the new service which is available through the department’s website.

Project applicants that require environmental and water approvals can now engage with the department through a single contact point supported by a new internal co-ordination framework that will save time and improve the service for applicants.

The creation of this new one-stop shop service is consistent with the Government’s Public Sector Reform which is designed to improve customer access to government services and overall response times.

The department’s improvements to online service delivery demonstrate how agencies can contribute to and support the Government’s drive for digital transformation across the public sector.

In July 2017, the departments of Water and Environmental Regulation and the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority amalgamated to become the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Source: WA Government