Western Australia

Preventive Health Summit to address obesity and alcohol issues

The WA Government will convene a Preventive Health Summit this Friday (March 2 2018) to encourage broader thinking and community engagement about ways to foster healthy lifestyles among Western Australians, in order to reduce and prevent obesity and harm from alcohol use.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of disease and disability in Australia, and are placing the health system under growing pressure. At least 31 per cent of chronic diseases are preventable.

The Nutrition Monitoring Survey Series 2015 showed about two-thirds of Western Australian adults and nearly one-quarter of children aged five to 15 years are overweight or obese. The 2016 National Drug Strategy Household Survey also revealed nearly one-fifth of the Western Australian population aged 18 years and over, reported drinking at levels placing them at risk of lifetime alcohol-related harm.

The summit will share ideas from experts and the community about ways to improve the health of Western Australians, and reduce the burden of chronic and acute harm on the public hospital system and the broader WA community.

WA Health and Mental Health Minister Roger Cook will host the summit in conjunction with the Department of Health, the Mental Health Commission and Healthway.

To ensure people from across the State can participate, the summit will be streamed live and viewers will be able to ask questions.

The outcomes of the Preventive Health Summit will help the State Government and the community achieve better long-term health outcomes for all Western Australians.

It will also inform the Sustainable Health Review, established by the Government in June 2017, to help deliver a patient first, innovative and sustainable health system for all Western Australians.

Source: WA Government