Historic step towards global recognition for Budj Bim

In Paris the World Heritage Centre decided that the nomination for the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape has been formally accepted for assessment.

Passing this hurdle means Budj Bim is one step closer to inclusion on the World Heritage List.

Budj Bim, near Lake Condah in south-west Victoria, is home to its Gundijtmara traditional owners.

The Gunditjmara community have been working for years to get global recognition of their incredible heritage.

For at least 6,500 years, the Gunditjmara have used a highly sophisticated aquaculture system, developed on the remains of a lava flow.

The Gunditjmara engineered channels to manage and divert water and ensure a sustainable supply of kooyang or eels. Even today this aquaculture system continues to be actively managed by Gunditjmara.

As a Victorian it was great to see that Budj Bim was the first-ever Australian place nominated solely for its Aboriginal cultural values.

Thanks to this announcement, World Heritage bodies will further assess Budj Bim. They will then make a listing recommendation to the World Heritage Committee in mid-2019.

The Government is proud to continue to support the Gunditjmara community and their aspiration to have Budj Bim World Heritage listed for its outstanding history.

Australia has 19 World Heritage places, with Kakadu National Park, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Tasmanian Wilderness and Willandra Lakes Region listed for both natural and Indigenous cultural values.

If added to the World Heritage List Budj Bim will be Australia’s 20th World Heritage place.

Source: Australian Government