Northern Territory

Know what floats your boat!

The Northern Territory Government wants to keep Territorians and visitors safe on the water. Get your ship together and come down to Dinah Beach boat ramp 31 March 2018, for a free boat safety check ahead of the Easter break, and go into the draw to win a $500 boating accessories voucher.

It’s important for all operators to familiarise themselves with the safety equipment requirements and ensure that all equipment is in good condition, complies with regulations and is readily available when needed.

“Enjoy our fantastic waters ways and don’t put yourself and others at risk by operating a boat in an unsafe manner. Regulations are there to keep everyone safe on the water and there are penalties for not complying,” said Simon Saunders, Executive Director of Transport Safety and Services.

The Northern Territory Water Police conduct frequent checks for non-compliance with marine regulations. So remember, before your next fishing trip make sure you Check. Plan. Go.

Plan ahead, make sure you check the tides and road closures, you can check road closures across the Territory at Road Report NT

For more information on how to safely enjoy our beautiful waterways please visit

Source: NT Government