Stepping up in the prevention of family violence

The Victorian Government is leading the way when it comes to bystander intervention to prevent family violence.

Victorian Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence launched new research from Deakin University that outlines what drives and encourages people to intervene when they witness sexist behaviour.

The research demonstrates that calling out sexist behaviour is effective in preventing family violence and promoting gender equality.

It also recommends that the Government trials innovative programs to promote bystander intervention.

Bystander intervention requires individuals to recognise and interrupt harmful situations. This might include overhearing and responding to a sexist joke, or calling out harassment or controlling behaviour.

This research will be used to inform the next phase of the Bystanders for Primary Prevention Program in partnership with VicHealth which will empower Victorians to call out discrimination and disrespect when they see it.

The program will try new ways to support Bystander interventions in the prevention of family violence and violence against women. This includes ways to make intervention simpler.

Source: Vic Government