Northern Territory

More jobs, more people, brighter future

The Territory Government’s 2018 Budget will create more jobs, attract more people and build a brighter future for all Territorians.

Treasurer Nicole Manison launched the 2018 Budget, to be delivered Tuesday 1 May 2018, ahead of the Treasurer’s Council of Federal Financial Relations meeting in Melbourne.

Ms Manison said despite the toughest economic conditions in Territory history, Budget 2018 will create more jobs, attract more people and invest in generational change to create a brighter future.

“We know jobs are the key to building the Territory – a good job will keep people here, and a good job will attract people here too – and Budget 2018 will directly create and support thousands of jobs,” she said.

“Attracting more people to make their home and stay in the Territory means better services, a stronger retail sector, cheaper costs of living and more opportunities for Territorians.

“And to make the Territory an attractive and prosperous place in invest, we must do the work necessary to create and improve opportunities for all Territorians, from our very youngest to our most disadvantaged, from our most remote communities to our largest cities and towns.

“This Budget 2018 announcement of funding for major projects underscores the importance of private investment in the Territory and recognises that Government plays a vital role too, to facilitate and expedite these multi-billion dollars projects and developments.

“We are in the fight of our lives for the future of the Territory but we will not turn our back on Territorians. We will fight for every dollar we can, and continue to make the right decisions to create more jobs, attract more people and invest in the Territory’s bright future.”

Source: NT Government