Western Australia

$20.5 million to target and reduce offending by young people

The WA Government’s Target 120 initiative, a program designed to reduce juvenile reoffending in Western Australia and improve community safety, will go ahead in 2018 with a $20.5 million investment.

Armadale will be one of the first locations in Western Australia to benefit from the Target 120 program.

The initiative, which aims to support up to 300 young people and their families, will be delivered across multiple locations in a phased approach over the next four years, starting from October 2018.

Target 120 is a collaborative, targeted and flexible early intervention program, providing young offenders and their families with co-ordinated and timely access to the services they need.

Target 120 aims to address the issues that increase a young person’s likelihood of offending, including substance abuse, lack of housing, domestic violence, trauma, mental health issues, and poor attendance at school.

For each young person and their family, a dedicated service worker will work in partnership with multiple agencies including police, health, education, child protection and justice, as well as non-government service providers. This will ensure that there is a co-ordinated and well-managed response to each young person and their family to get them back on track.

The Target 120 program will also use data to inform and improve decision making. By sharing, linking and analysing data gathered across a number of agencies, vulnerable individuals and groups can be identified earlier, and their current and future needs better understood.

Beyond the benefits for the young person, their family and their community as a whole, the program intends to reduce the cost of intervention over the course of a young person’s life.

It is estimated that support provided to a young person and their family, who have had multiple contacts with justice and other departments, costs more than $2 million over a young person’s life.

Source: WA Government