Western Australia

Sustainable funding for Community Resource Centres

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The WA Government has written to all Community Resource Centres (CRCs), seeking feedback on a recommended future funding approach at a more sustainable level.

Under the recommended approach, the majority of CRCs will be offered $70,000 per annum. Some CRCs will be offered $50,000 per annum where they are located either:

  • In a larger community – a population of over 3,000 people, or
  • In close proximity to another CRC or a major regional centre – less than 30km.

Under the proposal, all centres will continue to receive funding from the State Government.

The funding proposal is part of a review of the CRC program by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

The funding approach recognises that where CRCs are operating in larger regional towns or in close proximity to a regional centre, there are other service provider options available to the community.

It also recognises opportunities for resource sharing between CRCs in close proximity to each other.

It is proposed that CRCs focus primarily on the delivery and facilitation of government, health and community information and services. CRCs would also have reduced reporting obligations and greater flexibility on opening hours.

A greater emphasis will be placed on the use of video conferencing technology to improve the delivery of services, and to better connect Government to regional and remote Western Australia.

Source: WA Government