Further securing Tasmania’s energy supply

The potential redevelopment of Tarraleah Power Station, which would create hundreds of jobs in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, is gaining momentum thanks to further support from the Government.

Following positive results from an initial pre-feasibility study, the Government, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), is providing up to $2.5 million for a full feasibility study into the redevelopment of Tarraleah.

“Tarraleah currently generates around 634 gigawatt hours per year of largely base load energy, representing six-and-a-half per cent of Hydro Tasmania’s annual generation,” Minister Frydenberg said.

“Redevelopment of the hydroelectric power station would not only further secure Tasmania’s energy supply, but also create regional jobs.”

The pre-feasibility study found redeveloping Tarraleah to optimise its capacity would be the most viable option to support demand on an energy market that has a variable level of renewable energy. It would allow the hydroelectric power station to provide a broader range of market services.

The $5 million full feasibility study will assess the viability to expand Tarraleah from 104 megawatts to 220 megawatt. If developed, the project would create hundreds of jobs across the Derwent Valley and Tasmania.

“The Government is committed to securing Tasmania’s energy supply and these feasibility studies help us investigate future development opportunities,” Minister Frydenberg said.

“The potential redevelopment of the Tarraleah Power Station builds on the identification of 14 high potential pumped hydro energy storage sites across Tasmania, which early modelling shows, if developed, would create up to $5 billion of investment and around 3000 regional jobs.”

Source: Australian Government