Western Australia

$107,678 in funding for new youth project to be run by Broome PCYC

Police Minister Michelle Roberts has announced funding of $107,678 for the Broome PCYC to implement a new ‘Safe Space’ project.

The program will offer regular ‘drop in’ sessions and provide a place where youth can ‘hang out’ after school and on the weekends.

Safe Space will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons or evenings and is designed to provide young people with a supervised, non-threatening environment where they can participate in a range of activities and workshops.

Qualified youth workers will be available to engage in one-on-one mentoring and provide referrals to specialist support agencies where required.

Participants will be provided with free meals and transportation home.

The Broome town site, like many other Kimberley communities, has issues with juvenile offending occurring after school hours and on the weekends.

The introduction of this program will provide local police with an avenue to refer young people to a suitable after-hours service.

Source: Government of Western Australia