South Australia

Great Australian Bight report signals SA jobs

SACOME welcomes the release of a report commissioned by the Australian Petroleum & Exploration Association (APPEA) highlighting that successful oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight could see the creation of between 800 to 1500 long-term jobs in South Australia.

The comprehensive preliminary assessment by ACIL Allen into offshore oil exploration and development emphasises the significant economic benefits that would be realised by South Australia.

The study, which examines two possible production scenarios, sees the potential creation of 1361 full time jobs in South Australia during the development and construction phase and an average of 826 over the next 40 years in the base case scenario. That would rise to 2116 construction jobs and 1521 jobs over the life of the project in the high case scenario.

The report comes on the back of a series of major resource project announcements by BHP, OZ Minerals, Iluka, SIMEC Mining and CU River, which have created around 1700 jobs for the South Australian resources sector.

SACOME CEO Rebecca Knol said: “The South Australian resources sector already employs over 26,000 South Australians and is responsible for a third of the State’s exports worth $4 billion and contributes $214 million in royalties to the South Australian Government.

“However, over the past decade, the South Australian unemployment rate has continually been above the national average, so the release of a report highlighting not only the significant economic benefits but also the employment opportunities should an offshore petroleum industry develop in South Australia is most welcome.

“Government, industry and the community together need to do all that we can to create an environment in South Australia where business will flourish to ensure that our children have a prosperous future here in South Australia.”

Source: SACOME