Northern Territory

$455k facilities upgrade for Mt Theo Outstation

The Territory Government is creating safer communities by reforming the Youth Justice system and investing in smart, evidence-based action.

NT Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield announced an investment of $455,000 for a facilities upgrade at the Mt Theo Outstation, which is operated by the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC).

The funds will allow WYDAC to upgrade their Mt Theo Outstation infrastructure so that they can continue their youth diversion program for at-risk young Warlpiri people, on country.

Since 1993 Mt Theo Outstation has taken in over 500 young Aboriginal people from over 14 different communities, including Alice Springs.

The Mt Theo Outstation program includes:

  • Taking young at-risk young people to the remote Mt Theo Outstation to provide professional case management and rehabilitation on country
  • Providing at-risk young people with a stable, supportive and positive environment to re-engage them with culture, health, education and family relationships
  • Directing care and education by Warlpiri Elders
  • Aftercare transition to other WYDAC services

Source: NT Government