South Australia

Australian resource sector breaking records

The South Australian Chamber of Mines & Energy (SACOME) welcomes the release of the September 2018 ‘Resources and Energy Quarterly’.

The report confirms that the Australian resource sector is Australia’s strongest economic performer with the mining industry set to deliver a record $250 billion in exports to the Australian economy this financial year.

The Australian resource sector contributes over half of Australia’s total exports of goods and services and employs over 230,000 Australians.

SACOME CEO Rebecca Knol said: “The report confirms that the Australian resource sector is a Giant of the Australian economy, increasing our global wealth and creating greater economic and social opportunities for all Australians.

“This is replicated in South Australia where the resource sector is the engine room of the South Australian economy employing over 11,000 people, delivering $6.4 billion in gross state product, $5.3 billion in production, $3.7 billion in exports, and $213 million in royalties to South Australians.

“This economic contribution plays a pivotal role in the well-being of each and every South Australian, helping fund our world-class health system, education system, and vital infrastructure projects.”

Source: SACOME