Northern Territory

Boat ramp surveys underway

fishing stock image

The second part of the Territory Government’s new recreational fishing survey has begun, with surveys taking place at boat ramps across the NT.

The survey is part of the Territory Government’s $50 million investment in recreational fishing, which will help boost the sector and create jobs.

Telephone surveys have already begun, through which fishos are invited to take part in a 12-month diary program where they record their fishing effort.

The boat ramp surveys will involve Fisheries NT staff asking anglers about their day on the water, to provide a more complete picture of recreational fishing activity in the Territory by both Territorians and visitors.

The recreational fishing survey will provide Fisheries NT with the most up-to-date data on fishing effort, including the number of people who fish, where and when they go fishing, the species of fish they target, and how much time and money they invest in the activity.

A final report from the surveys will be publically available. All information provided by survey respondents will remain confidential.

Source: NT Government