Western Australia

Roebourne renal facility brings care closer to home

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More renal patients in Roebourne and surrounding areas can now be treated closer to home thanks to a new community supported home dialysis facility.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook officially opened the new four-chair, purpose-built facility, which has been constructed on the grounds of Mawarnkarra Health Service.

Managed by Mawarnkarra Health Service, the Warawarni-Gu Maya Community Supported Home Dialysis facility will make it easier for local people who are suitable for home dialysis and have end stage kidney disease, to undertake their treatment closer to home.

Home dialysis is for people who are capable and confident of supervising their treatment either alone or with a carer – usually a family member. Each of the four dialysis bays have individual television sets to make patients more comfortable and their time spent at treatment more pleasant.

The new centre includes a dedicated consultation room with telehealth facilities – this means specialists can see and speak to their patients in a virtual setting, and patients are spared the cost and stress of travel to a tertiary hospital.

Between 2015 and 2017, telehealth activity has increased 113 per cent in the Pilbara region. So far in 2018, more than 1,700 outpatient appointments in the region have been conducted using telehealth.

The $1.8 million Warawarni-Gu Maya Community Supported Home Dialysis facility was constructed by the WA Country Health Service as part of the Australian Government’s Health and Hospitals Fund, which is investing $45.7 million to its Bringing Renal Dialysis and Support Services Closer to Home program.

Source: WA Government