Western Australia

Toppling furniture Bill to be introduced to Parliament

The WA Government will introduce the Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 to State Parliament, which will provide better protections to residential tenants and their children.

Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act will allow tenants to secure furniture to the walls of their rental homes. They will also be required to repair any damage after their tenancy.

A landlord will only be allowed to refuse the tenant’s request to affix furniture in very limited circumstances – if there is asbestos in the house or it is heritage listed.

The changes follow the recommendation of the WA Coroner’s report, delivered in November 2017, into the death of 21-month-old Reef Kite.

He was tragically killed in his family’s rental home by a falling chest of drawers in 2015.

Evidence at the inquest revealed the drawers had not been secured because the landlord did not give permission.

The Bill also makes miscellaneous amendments that will improve the administration of a range of occupational licensing schemes.

This includes: reducing unnecessary red tape, facilitating online systems for submitting applications and information, and clarifying the entitlement of consumers to access industry specific insurance and compensation schemes.

Source: WA Government