Northern Territory

Protecting business from alcohol-fuelled crime

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The Territory Government’s comprehensive crack-down on alcohol fuelled crime and violence continues with the launch of a targeted program – Alcohol Secure – to help licenced premises across the NT.

The existing $5 million Biz Secure Program will be expanded to include the new Alcohol Secure Grants Program to specifically support licensed venues to create a physical barrier to liquor supplies (ie. security windows and doors, internal and external roller doors).

Alcohol Secure complements the suite of measures introduced by the Territory Government to address anti-social behaviour and alcohol-related crime across the Territory including putting on 120 more police, bringing back the Banned Drinkers Register and major alcohol reforms.

Under Alcohol Secure, eligible applicants can access a grant of either:

  • $10,000 for liquor security works without co-contribution, or
  • $10,000 PLUS dollar for dollar co-contribution of up to another $10,000 (so $30,000 of security will attract a $20,000 grant from NT Government).

On average, installing security costs a business approx. $16,000. Under Alcohol Secure, the business would pay only $3,000 and NT Government the remaining $13,000.

Additional funding can also be allocated for high-risk venues and/or special case projects (ie. a heritage listed building).

Subject to the terms and conditions, licensed premises such as restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, supermarkets and other liquor retailers ARE eligible to apply. Liquor wholesalers are NOT eligible under the program.

One person can access the funding for up to three of their licensed businesses and anyone who has already accessed Biz Secure (but NOT used the money on creating a physical barrier to their liquor) CAN still access Alcohol Secure.

Source: NT Government