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Green energy saving council and club big bucks

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Sporting clubs in the City of Salisbury are expected to save a collective $400,000 in 2019 thanks to the council’s Solar Panel Program.

The Council’s 50th club is set be fitted with solar in coming days and that number is expected grow to 60 during the year.

The program, in its fourth year, assists sporting and community groups to go solar to help reduce energy bills.

“Contributing to a sustainable environment is a key objective of Council,’’ Salisbury Mayor, Gillian Aldridge, OAM, said.

“This initiative has reduced the environmental footprint of Council-owned buildings and it is helping to deliver savings for our clubs, which I think is wonderful.”

Para Hills Bowling Club has used the Council’s program to invest in solar in a big way, initially installing a 10kW system, before recently adding a further 2.5kW.

President Daryl Bonney said the move had cut the club’s power bill by 10 per cent, allowing it to invest in members on new kitchen equipment and uniforms.

The City of Salisbury has installed 555kW of solar on its buildings under the project, resulting in energy generation of 2330kWh each day. This is enough to power about 200 homes every day.

Solar is one of a number of ambitious energy saving schemes the Council is pursuing to reduce energy costs, and reduce its environmental footprint.

It has installed 700 LED lights in neighbourhoods including Walkley Heights and Burton in recent years. The council’s monitoring shows energy savings of about 30 per cent where LED lights have replaced conventional bulbs.

The next phase of the ambitious project is Mawson Lakes where more than 2000 LED lights will be fitted.

Source: City of Salisbury